to say that the Internet is now the hottest concept of the world, WeChat said second, estimated that no other applications dare to call the first. In schools around the potato aunt are using WeChat as a reservation, the elderly have ideals, morality, pursuit, knowledgeable or young people, to become a WeChat marketing master should be our lifelong pursuit and goal. But Time will not wait for me. learn some skills or guide, it becomes necessary.

first, come out and walk in the future, you can’t get out first best not to disgrace, general manager? Too lost enough, at least Ceo, chairman of the board, there are a number of company president, President of WeChat Chinese Association, WeChat Research Institute, the United Nations Special WeChat research experts (remember the rush look carefully don’t like that, brother spent thirty thousand dollars, but left a disgrace, on the whole, the title) don’t too long, don’t be afraid to not disturb the position more than three fold.

in addition to these, and the Internet class on the big picture of the photo is essential. If you have not graduated from high school, even a live Internet product manager had not seen, well, PS didn’t do, certainly not the level of street shops, Taobao, 58 city, the pig is a good choice, 500 dollars, and who want to take a picture. Finally, an essential atmosphere of the high-end shirt suits, dances with wolves, Goldlion and Septwolves are master preferred.

as a master, the key is to be able to talk. If you are introverted and ineloquent, but a restless heart master, do not despair, the best teacher is Zhao Benshan, Xiao Shenyang, Li Yang, the master of speech repeated observation on Youku, one of the killer in training is to shake the burden, say a few scripts, McCain paragraphs Dashan, attracted a bunch of believers show master humor set the whole room roaring with laughter, style. It is very necessary.

logical thinking is to look at a few sets, otherwise, how do you know Kevin Kelly, the concept of connection, all the chips, as a master, you have a lonely heart is not difficult to understand, but also to keep up with the times, learning is essential, otherwise, talking about WeChat at the same time, you can’t the big data, cloud computing, connection platform, together with the strategy. It is not, since the media attention a few brick home, take a look at how people are at home to play fast technology concept.

arrangements for 10 points on stage, 10:30 up there is no problem, it is the big teacher. Remember to put on the front of the stage, at the train station plaza to buy "a speech fix ten million" marketing master guide "and" the world’s biography "cheats must hide well, put the rent landlord phone hard pressed out, then the natural look came on the stage. If it is to go to the field, you can complain about the flight delay. The VVIP service is getting worse, if it is local, you can also change the recent Tucao new drivers are not familiar with the road, at the beginning of the new B car in the running.

also need to master in addition to speech in the amiable and easy of approach, left over right.

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