August 26th news, according to foreign media reports, the famous American technology blog Businessinsider author Mark Suster believes that in user generated content (UGC) website, 1% of them are expert users, 9% of them are occasional contributors, 90% of people diving.

asked someone in the quiz website Quora, is what kind of motive prompted people to comment publicly on Amazon, Yelp, Foursquare and other web sites and tips.

Suster believes that UGC users are divided into three categories, follow the 1/9/90 rules. 1%= expert user, 9%= occasional contributor, 90%= diver. No matter how the identity, we all benefit from it.

1 expert user

they spend a lot of time on contributing to the site. They may host Wikipedia several categories, published on the 100 restaurant / bar comments on Yelp, in any place in Foursquare coverage and commentary, and even on the program included comments, of course, including the answer many questions in Quora.

UGC needs to do is to attract the 1% users, they need to have the right tools, social status, rewards, adhesion in your product, because they do not want to give up their own creation, with good content most and their website, help website development.

2 occasional contributor

they are not interested in what they are doing on the web, and they want to tell the world when they have a positive or negative experience. They are interested in the subject will take the time to contribute content.

for such users, web site must be fast and easy to use. They don’t want to understand the complex work, they do not love what are required to be registered, do not care about your purpose or the rules of the game. In order to expand the scale of business, this group of users is very important, because of their contribution to add up the total amount is very large.

3 divers

most UGC sites try to take the time to turn divers into contributors. Don’t do this, 90% of users will never contribute anything to your company. They’re there to get content.

makes it easy for divers to visit, they also bring value to the site, because when you want to convert the amount of users into currency, they are always the largest user base.

was asked whether Facebook is the UGC site, Suster believes that, in addition to the basic UGC attributes, Facebook also increased the added value of communication. So there are more people through similar IM chat way for its contribution. However, Suster said, Facebook users still follow the expert users, and occasionally contributors

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