spit slot, the recent A, B station pupils more and more……

subculture will eventually become the mainstream culture

"when I first got on A, B, I was actually turned down……" Because a basic thing depends on the people who download, is rarely to see online video. Fortunately, in after that original video plus barrage could be so fun, good-looking.

A B, have not been to the station he knows not to see a boring video because someone Tucao, let people uproarious, able to perform wonders. When watching animation, because a character sell everyone clamoring adorable, said this is my wife, there are benefits, all of the picture, everyone will have to praise the photography, "he added a chicken lunch at noon".


dance skirt up occasionally adorable girl, when you think you can see the dream and the world ", is a thick layer of security trousers, you will gnash curse the evil society," said

trust? "

originally, a person watching the video will not be lonely, originally, I have so many friends, and this only A, B station can bring me.

now, you want me to complete the past days basically impossible, no barrage of movies, animation, television, video, like no salt meal, tasteless. Every day, open the computer to see the station is A and comment area, capture an old driver, then ran to the station to see B – animation and dance adorable girl, while slobber while eating my breakfast.

this is me, this is my life, and I’m just an ordinary person, but I have thousands of people, and we are called ordinary people.

subculture of a generation, is the next generation of the main culture

80 after the label may be confused and helpless. And we after 90 and 00 generation, must be lonely and boring. We have no brothers, no sisters, only our school, lonely figure accompanied us throughout childhood, and pay more attention to the knowledge society, learning only gave us endless learning, our world will gradually dyed a single color.

desire not to be lonely, and the world is no longer boring, this is our generation, and even the next generation of birthday wishes. For us, the network world is very vague, for the next generation, the boundary may not exist in the network, and the desire to form a sub culture + spirit belongs to us, a "entertainment to death, entertainment oriented" spirit.

if you think A and B only video site is just a barrage, the two dimension of culture, it is completely mistaken. Jackie Chan’s "Duang", "Are you OK Lei?" brother, the three giants face vigorously…… etc.. The shadow kichiku behind the video of both A and B station.

video website is the fertile soil, user is the seed for me "

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