August 18th news, today, the ant gold service launched a new one-stop mobile banking platform — ant treasure, this is beyond Alipay, ant gold suit first released a new independent application.

ant treasure

It is reported that

, the ant Jubao proposed "simple financial management" concept, to provide users with a "demand", including "regular" and other types of financial fund one-stop financial services. The treasure also cooperates with the first financial, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange and other institutions, to provide selected information including A shares, Hong Kong stocks, stocks, for the user, a series of services at the change of Chinese financial outlook.

ant gold clothing wealth business group president Yuan Leiming said, "the ant ant treasure is gold clothing an important attempt in the Internet banking field, ant treasure version 1 is only a beginning, through financial one-stop, low threshold of experience, we hope that more people began to concern and contact management. Further, through rapid iteration, ant treasure will gradually create a one-stop, low threshold, intelligent, community oriented financial platform, realize the financial scene, let the public users of financial easier."

it is understood that the ant treasure in version 1, collection of the balance of treasure, treasure and three kinds of funds and other financial types, through an account open. The future, ant treasure will also support such as buying shares more features through the balance of treasure.

ant APP screenshot

treasureThe new

users registered account or use Alipay account login ant treasure, you can purchase the balance of treasure, treasure and all kinds of fund products, enjoy one-stop financial experience, easily understand the assets of the daily returns, and flexible adjustment of financial strategy.

Yuan Leiming also said that in the online promotion period, all users to buy fund products in ants are not required to pay the treasure platform subscription fee. At the same time, the fund redemption, you can achieve T+1 arrival, which is relative to the industry average of more than T+3 of the arrival time, arrival time shortened by at least two days.

in addition, it is worth mentioning that, in the inland port mutual fund under the policy background, hope to access Hongkong ant treasure fund companies, the future will fund will cover Hongkong, America, and Asia Pacific stock markets.

it is understood that, in accordance with product planning, ant treasure will also launch the function of intelligent recommendation scene, investment demand and risk preference of each person based on the precise user portrait, help users quickly find the most suitable for their investment; and by the financial community in the form of investment Master, through the sharing of knowledge, to promote financial education to public investors, the investment decision-making assistant.

addition, in addition to financial institutions and jointly build a risk control system, also introduces the ant treasure account security risks, users spend less than 1 yuan premium can obtain 1 million yuan protection, which will effectively protect the user in the ant treasure funds in security.

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