Zscaler is an established by security expert Jay Chaudhry, about Jay Chaudhry, in the past 10 years, he founded AirDefense, later sold to Motorola, the founder of CipherTrust later sold to Secure Computing, founder of SecureIt and later sold to VeriSign, he is also the founder of the CoreHarbor and eventually sold to USinterworking.

Zscaler’s business is to help companies out of those boring, costly Web filtering and network control, replaced by a cloud based, monthly paid model. Zscaler can be seen as a Web agent, for all users of the import traffic to intercept and check whether from potentially dangerous or illegal activities in the Web (in this sense, the future can be sold to Zscaler GFW’s


Zscaler has a number of network security experts, they are responsible for different customers to design very detailed security policies, such as, employees can access what sites, when can. For example, there is a company, their marketing staff can visit YouTube at lunch time, further, they can only upload 2MB video data every day. Engineers are not allowed to access Facebook, while others can, for example, not access to MySpace, etc..

when scaler encounters a strange site, immediately called the use of "dynamic content classification technology for web content analysis, so that when an employee steal even when some strange video station, the boss can be found.

Zscaler regularly provide detailed reports to the client access, you can see the report, which employees spend too much time in the social network, the company can monitor the staff which used the internet. Chaudhry said that the original intention of these monitoring technology is not to prevent Web 2 applications, but to manage them, so that employees access to the network is beneficial, as long as you do not restrict access.

Gartner analyst Arabella Hallawell said, she knows that there are many companies want to use this "cloud" model based on Web filtering services, the market competitors include ScanSafe and Message Labs. Branch companies all over the world, in the global purchase and branches between the deployment of access control software is very difficult, and the traditional Web filtering software to filter malicious code in a web site, to monitor employee information released.

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