2009, the American network shoe store Zappos to Amazon for $1 billion 200 million in cash and stock acquisition. At the same time, like any kind of success in overseas mode, network shoe pattern in Chinese also pop up quickly, but very public failure. The tide, two online shoe shop to survive, and get a VCs, good music to buy, a company called letao.

a Chinese in the United States wrote in his micro-blog, he was in the United States the day before 11:16 p.m. Eastern time to Zappos orders, the company is located in KY (Kentucky) warehouse at 3:42 the next morning to confirm the parcel has been sent to the morning mail, 11:59 received UPS sent the goods. Before and after 12 hours and 43 minutes. It is not difficult to see, in order to word of mouth, Zappos at all costs. But the logistics advantage is to make the customer satisfied "trump card".

but in Chinese, this success seems quite difficult to replicate, for good music to buy and Le Amoy, in their harvest tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, logistics bottleneck is the biggest problem. Gan Qicui, President of IBM business value Institute told the first financial daily, the bottleneck of the development of e-commerce is logistics. Morgan Stanley analyst Ji Weidong told reporters that if you can find a solution to the bottleneck of the development of enterprises, is a very worthy of investment in high-quality enterprises.

sprint and long distance

has just started the music Amoy network development speed, and the development of good music to buy the emphasis on sound. With a hundred years old, "Chinese shoes first" neiliansheng July 9th settled on Lok brand footwear sale has reached 43, up to 3134 kinds of styles, music Amoy network CEO Bisheng is expected at the end of the 5000 paragraph styles. Good music to buy is the 35 footwear brands, styles reached more than 7000, good music to buy CEO Li Shubin is expected to reach more than ten thousand next year. Le Amoy network has been in rapid development, from 10 million last year to achieve sales, signing 1000 this year on sales of 300 thousand yuan, Bi Sheng expected by the end of the year will reach 100 million yuan in sales of electronic business line.

development of the latest round of music Amoy network has been on the evening of June 4th this year, the balance of the evening, the amount of financing more than ten million U.S. dollars, the investment funds for the United States and the United States and the United States and the German Tiger capital. The Tiger Fund is the largest online shopping mall 3C Jingdong investors, also invested in Dangdang and where customers and B2C e-commerce enterprises.

for the development of music Amoy network rapid, Tiger Fund China general manager Chen Xiaohong said: "the business of shoe Lok in less than a year of rapid growth, but the most critical is that this growth is achieved in almost without advertising. B2C is a long-distance running field, we believe that in the pursuit of speed and scale, while the ability to fine control the input-output ratio of the company is more sustainable."

so Bi Sheng is going to be more

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