2345 navigation site: a large-scale abolition or because of promotion of suspected pirated

day before, many have a Weirui worked to "IT times" reporter broke the news, then informed the "turnip home" case in March 2011 the Ministry of public security, the 2345 is still in the country to recruit a large number of technicians to promote the 2345 site navigation, the technician in the user installed, pirated Windows operating system installed with 2345 series of products the.

this promotion until Microsoft v. case after the verdict, it gradually converged, removed part of the promotion of the site manager. However, the reporter learned that many ground push (ground promotion) activities are still in progress.

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navigation site: a large-scale abolition or because of promotion of suspected pirated

2345.com parent company is the prosecution of public prosecution compensation Microsoft 36 million

original Shanda president Linghai speech community "for business exposure


Linghai announced in February this year, no longer served as president of Shanda games, no more news reports. Recently a speech community application for a growing concern, the development of "butterfly interaction" is a new venture company Linghai, confirmed that he had "will join the mobile Internet and the field of community". He received a note of the interview, to share the development of the products of the mind, and perceptions of the mobile community.

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original Linghai Shanda president speech community "for business exposure

banking system electricity supplier platform has become a climate: to melt help business

The rapid growth of

e-commerce has not brought the expected business income for the bank, but because of the influence of the third party payment companies, the role of banks in the transaction process is weakened.

therefore, self business platform has become an important attempt to strengthen their own bank transaction status and presence, and how to use the bank’s resources to provide a variety of original financial services to promote the development of trade, to the "melting" to promote "business", is a problem placed in front of the bank.

according to the latest statistics in 2012, the total size of China’s e-commerce market will reach 10 trillion and 100 billion, is expected in 2014 the total market transactions will reach 20 trillion and 600 billion.

in the electronic commerce market booming in the background, the first test is the Construction Bank China, the introduction of good financial business platform, the simple settlement relationship changed the banking industry in the original and electricity in the capital settlement on.

this may mean that the banking industry has begun to build the platform by the way of self electricity providers, seeking to participate in the development of a wider and wider range of e-commerce.

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