in September 1st, a Chinese called the history of the most stringent new advertising law formally implemented. There is only one piece of advice.

assumes that this article is an advertisement, the first sentence in violation of the "advertising law," the provisions of the ninth: not to use the "national", "top", "best" and other terms.

Chinese advertising is a relatively young industry until 1978 is the first domestic toothpaste blue poster. In the past 20 years, Chinese advertising turnover increased from about 20000000000 to about 560000000000, advertisement into radio and television, newspapers, outdoor LED screen, APP, WeChat, "from a small posters…… Can be said to be everywhere, everywhere, "advertising law" is still used in 1994, the introduction of the implementation in 1995, which is in accordance with the 20 years ago, the development of the advertising market situation.

compared with the old method, the current advertising law changes greatly, involving a wide range, the 49 existing 75, add 33, delete 3, and revised 37, preserving the original real word did not move only 8, to refine the original general provisions, increase maneuverability, and a substantial increase penalties. This means that, following a lot of ads, you may never see again.

these brands: you let the kids

thirty-eighth: no less than ten years of age can not be used as a spokesman for minors.

hit: "Dad where to go" all star

"Dad where to go" after the fire, according to a popular online endorsement list, the popular star worth more than 100 thousand yuan a day usually in.

Yili QQ star in the "

" series where Dad’s presence is more and more strong, advertising has also been the "daddy go" the boy who speak:


step by step to read the machine to find Tian Liang and Sen disc endorsement.


has a high rate of appearance of the video telephone watch: every day and Sen dish endorsement.


so, the implementation of the new advertising law, after the boy appeared in advertising can not see? To stand here, the new regulations and not many people think so strict.

director of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Advertising Bureau Zhang Guohua explained that in accordance with the provisions of the civil law of our country, children under the age of 10 is no capacity for civil conduct, the cognitive ability of the society, if they signed endorsement contracts as a spokesperson, advertising or received endorsement fee, is contrary to the principle of truth in advertising. However, >

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