specializes in well-known enterprises, famous on domain name registration, known as the "domain name bug", this name evolved into "cadelle". "I have only spent a few yuan registration fee, but the name can sell a thousand dollars or even hundreds of thousands of yuan. However, Chongqing tanshuang although registered more than and 100 domain names, but in 6 years did not sell a.

registered hundreds of expensive domain name

in early 2003, just graduated from junior high school Tan Shuang began to put money into the pocket of cybersquatting on. In 2006 he entered a software school, is the domain name devoted a lot of energy and financial resources, to the end of October this year, a total of more than and 100 registered domain name. At present, there are more than and 30 to continue to pay, the other because of no money to give up and give up.

in these names, including "Chongqing" domain name "www.hencq.com", and "Chongqing to Wanzhou ran dry beef master" domain name "www.ranshifu.com", to "Chongqing Wahson garden" the domain name "www.huashengyuan.com" and to the famous Chongqing wine shop "Sichuan" domain name "www.laosc.cn". In addition, he also registered some suitable for wedding of the domain name, such as "to reach old age together the domain name" www.baitoudaolao.cn "and so on.".

according to reports, each domain registration fee ranging from 50 yuan ~200 yuan, only the domain name registration, he took on the yuan, not including the annual renewal fee.

the Internet every day because there is no renewal and registered on the domain name and see which well-known enterprises not to register the domain name…… This is the main task of six years to learn, work more than tan. For example, the night of October 29th this year, he found the famous makeup artist "to paving" domain name "www.maogeping.com", so before the registration will not renew, in the early morning of 30 points to 4 points between the 2 departments are deleted, that night he almost every 5 minutes to refresh a page, did not expect to keep at 3:30 in the morning that was another "first love".

six years did not sell too injured

In addition to the

domain renewal, in order to let others timely contact, tanshuang also spent a lot of money to rent space, so that the domain name became an official website, it is their own contact.

In addition to grab the

domain name, every day he will spend a lot of time to promote their own domain name, in the enterprise forum, "love" exchange group, and business contact, but the effect does not seem obvious.

Although there are many

think that a good domain name, but until yesterday, he has not sold a. There are several domain name business phase, but the bid was not more than 300 yuan, equivalent to only for domain name registration and renewal, he had to give up. "Wahson Park" domain name "www.huashengyuan.com" transaction also blocked. Weight >

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