in the economic cold swept the Internet today, the software industry China whirling prospects change. Along with the Alibaba, the Sohu’s market trends, as Chinese Internet Network Qi also followed the footsteps of a giant the bright younger generation, strong, launched specifically for the enterprise website tailored. After 200 days and nights of unremitting efforts, the new CWMS, the latest introduction of the 2. Team developers draw on the views of many companies and users of the software, and constantly improve the user interface and user experience, and strive to meet the various needs of enterprise website. CWMS 2 today perfectly and meet you, cannot do without singular team efforts and the CWMS has been the support of friends, this here, let us thank singular team careful and rigorous dedication, all friends thanks to the support of CWMS!.

CWMS 2 features:

a, employee attendance system, the first domestic CWMS2.0 enterprise staff online attendance system.

two, custom URL Rewrite rewrite, friendly search engine URL optimization.

three, code and template separation technology to support more than 5 types of template types. Including: articles, graphics, products, single page, message board.

four, shopping cart features, CWMS2.0 integration of domestic mainstream payment interface. Such as: Taobao, eBay, fast money, etc.. Fully comparable professional online mall system.

five, multi language automatic switching instructions in english.

six, friendly SEO optimization, can customize the description and keywords, each page using H1 tags emphasize title.

cwms2.0 new features and fixes some Bug list

1, a mistake to correct the home page when the purchase button.

2, add articles, graphics, product details page view on the next one of the functions.

3, the vote is zero, the point of view of the error message.

Error occurred in

4, correction of registered members.

5, modify the picture and text page link error.

6, the popular news nested improvements, in line with the SEO standard.

7, to improve the background login timeout error.

8, modified time date function does not support English errors.

9, increase the article, graphics, product reviews.

10, using the new column tree display style.

11, editor reduction.

12, the editor of the upload image features are redesigned.

13, CSS streamlined, merged into a style sheet.


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