technology news (Fan Xiaodong) May 6th news, the domestic bitcoin trading platform OKCoin, BtcTrade, fire currency network, bitcoin China, CHBTC announced today that, after deep reflection and discussion, decided to take a self consistent action to promote positive development of bitcoin.

the statement includes:

1, do bitcoin transaction risk tips to guide people to establish a normal investment concept.

2, do not organize and participate in large-scale marketing nature bitcoin conference or assembly, to guide the industry to the direction of the application of technology and innovation.

3, abide by the laws and regulations, in the framework of the framework of legal compliance trading platform, before May 10th to stop the new financing currency, after the full payment of the loan or financing to pay off the bar trading business.

4, curb excessive speculation, the protection of small investors, a certain amount of fees levied on high-frequency trading, the five trading platform will then discuss a unified rate.

5, to promote the transparency of the trading platform, control the risk of clearing, settlement links.

6, comply with the requirements of the relevant departments of the state, strict real name system certification, suspicious transaction tracking feedback and fulfill the anti money laundering obligations.

7, establish a sound system of information disclosure, so that investors have full right to know.

8, take the initiative to report to the competent authorities on the latest developments, risks, etc..


self statement said, although regulators around the world out of respect for innovation to bitcoin suitable space for development, but the development of bitcoin in China there are some problems, such as prices rose too fast, bankers, lack of retail risk warning, resulting in a number of small investors appeared loss. Bitcoin trading platform as a result of the current problems do not shirk responsibility.

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