Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Wu Wenzhi) this is undoubtedly a milestone in the e-commerce industry. As a pilot unit of electronic invoices in Beijing, Jingdong mall yesterday opened a PDF format electronic invoices. This is China’s first electronic invoice. This marks the promulgation of the State Administration of Taxation of the network invoice management approach since April 1st implementation, officially entered the pilot phase.

yesterday, Jingdong mall staff on-site to buy two books, after placing the invoice information bar outside the original "invoice" and "VAT invoice", more than an electronic invoice "option. After the choice of electronic invoices, the order of more than an electronic invoice download". Open the link appears is a PDF format, number 00000001 of the electronic invoice, the amount of $41.4 invoice is China’s first electronic invoice.

this marks the first phase of the application of electronic Invoicing pilot officially launched in Beijing. According to the IRS, Local Taxation Bureau, the Municipal Commission of Commerce, Industrial and Commercial Bureau "on the pilot program of application of electronic invoices issues notice", since June 27th, the Jingdong can issue electronic invoices mall proprietary e-commerce platform to consumers book sales of commodities in Beijing area.

Bureau explained that in order to steadily promote the application of e-Invoicing pilot, the first phase of the pilot will be divided into two phases, the first phase is limited to book sales goods issued; second in the first phase of the pilot on the basis of summing up gradually expand to other categories. From the subject of the vote, the first phase is issued to individual consumers, the second phase to the enterprise (unit) issued.

data show that the electronic invoice is an electronic image of paper invoices and electronic records, is stored in electronic payment vouchers. As early as 2012, the national development and Reform Commission said in the relevant notification, e-commerce model city can promote electronic invoicing.

around the opening of electronic invoices, the industry believes that the electricity supplier is a prelude to taxation, and will directly increase the cost of tax revenue, especially in C2C sellers. This will lead to price increases, ultimately borne by the consumer.

to solve this problem, the IRS said electronic invoices are to strengthen tax administration, strengthen the management of invoices, invoice control such crimes, to reduce the collection cost and enhance the efficiency of energy saving and emission reduction means, not for online shopping and business tax.

electricity supplier companies choose to take the lead in the application of electronic invoices pilot, mainly in view of the electricity supplier transactions with the characteristics of electronic invoices more consistent. In addition, the technical basis for the electricity supplier business is better, suitable for electronic Invoicing pilot.

Li Weili, director of the

Municipal Administration of Taxation and the Ministry of science and technology development, the use of electronic invoices, taxpayers do not need to return to the tax authorities to receive paper invoices, saving the cost of tax. At the same time, the tax authorities can also grasp the sales situation. Cancel the invoice printing links can reduce the operating costs of enterprises.

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