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is one of the largest China genuine music website, Google did not support the whale may also become a fish.


sucked the music industry to take a new round of big change. Changing the habits of users for a long time, but to find their own profit model has been urgent.

if you want to search for music on Google, the page will prompt Google music search service has been closed, the page reminds you to log in and download the save playlist before October 19, 2012 by".

this means that in addition to the identity of the largest shareholder, at the operational level, Google and one of the largest China genuine music site Top100 (the whale) in China temporarily halted cooperation.

September 21, 2012, Dr. Yang Wenluo, general manager of Google China Engineering Research in the Google blackboard newspaper, the first release of the news. Chen Ge, founder of micro-blog Jujing music network after it was confirmed, and said it is "Google Chinese change strategy".

on the same day, Sina micro-blog on a small spontaneous tribute ceremony. Chen Ge and the circle of acquaintances or friends who are not familiar with each other to encourage each other, the dead will die. Real time music industry great change is coming! "Some of his impassioned.

Google Music Search progress was exciting. According to Google, former technical director Hu Ning to the Southern Weekend reporter recalled, in March 2010 Google announced the exit China before, "the market share in a rising momentum, music search accounted for twenty percent of the total to thirty Google search." From the data provided by Chen Ge, from March 2009 to June 2012 on Google music search service, Google Jujing millions of users 6 billion times download audio-visual, PV (hits) about 15 billion, the stock of 400 million yuan advertising.

two years ago, Google will withdraw China opened a prelude to the gigantic whale net change of fate. In fact, China’s digital music channels have not been able to get rid of the plight of survival. The monopoly is serious, the product viscosity is not high, the music users accustomed to free, rampant piracy cases, have not been able to find a successful business model, there are very few channel operators to earn a little money.

capital chain stretched

left Google Jujing like to leave the sea, traffic began to decline rapidly, and the happy net, Chen Ge also tried to Myspace.com more than and 20 social networks to increase the number of flow channels of cooperation, but in his words is "palliative".

"whale Chinese my name is the name of Zhang Mingji’s wife English, called Orca," Chen Ge said. Orca is a large whales, called the sea overlord. In this way, with Yao Ming and his agent, Yao team head of the joint investment of, 300>

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