micro-blog opened a line between wireless and Internet, with the development of micro blog have been opened, and have enabled the abbreviation of web service, mobile phone users can freely through wireless writing their own mood, major domestic portals have also targeted the emerging field of micro-blog, will shift the focus of the field of wireless market, registration or purchase of micro-blog the domain name or will launch its own micro-blog business, wireless applications become a new domain name investment market.

large portal enabled related short domain push micro-blog

NetEase is the official launch of the business portal micro-blog services portal, which is officially launched on the 20 of this month, and the official opening of the domain name t.163.com two. In addition, recently registered a number of NetEase.Fm domain name, will be used to shorten the domain name micro-blog services, including NetEase representative domain name 126, the relevant domain name 126.fm and 163.fm.

Tencent as one of China’s largest Internet integrated service providers, in the previous stage has also launched its own micro-blog services, and officially enabled domain name t.qq.com. Subsequently, Tencent low-key purchase of three letter domain name url.cn, and Sina were using sinaurl.cn, url.cn, to provide users with domain name shortening services, shorten the link to share.


domain name as an Internet user access portal site number, has been more and more attention to you. Companies in the Internet or into a new field, the domain name as a parallel strategy. Whether it is NetEase and Tencent, in the launch of their own micro-blog services are enabled when the relevant two domain names, and then the acquisition of micro-blog related short domain name, combined with its micro-blog business, to seize the domain name opportunities.

related investors said that the short domain name is not only convenient for users to remember, more conducive to the promotion of the site. But short of the number of domain names is limited, its value is rising, elusive, at present, there are many companies to buy in line with Chinese situation of Larry domain in wireless domain, or as a micro-blog domain enabled.


into investment highlights

following the introduction of micro blog Bit.ly Twitter short address service, many well-known domestic sites will focus on the transformation of wireless areas. It is said that the acquisition of YAHOO domain name tuitui.cn or push micro-blog services. Subsequently, sina is not far behind, with the price of 100 thousand yuan acquisition of micro-blog Larry domain weibo.com. In December last year, the official launch of its own micro-blog services, people’s micro-blog".

following Fanfou and jiwai, the domestic Internet industry set off a new round of the wave of micro-blog, micro-blog services will lead to a new round of wrestling between the portal, and then produce unlimited business opportunities. Domain name is used as the portal site number, bear the brunt of the investment boom. The rise of micro-blog business shows that the future is an important direction for the development of the infinite field, will become the domain name investment bank

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