"return" inspire confidence in the domestic animated film at the box office to break the "ceiling"

this summer, the domestic animation film shine. "The return" hit 800 million yuan at the box office, take the Hollywood film to occupy the mainland animation film for the championship standings, "the 2 billion film" "remember" catch demon is real and animation elements. But in these films, most animated films still can get tens of millions or even millions at the box office, become "cannon fodder".

industry insiders believe that the "king return" success for the animated film hit a shot in the arm, will attract more capital and talent in this field, and with the help of IP, the brand, the domestic animation film is expected to break the market more and more "ceiling".

coincided with the summer, a number of animated film intensive release, the current release also includes "Gui Bao", "black cat Sheriff", "Rock kingdom" and so on.

animated film will account for 10%

, a local cinema marketing director Mr. Xie said, "the return" row piece compared to the first round has dropped a lot, several other animated film quality and box office are good, but the "return" of this kind and is really immeasurably, therefore did not have a substantial increase of the theater row piece of animated film.

, however, in his view, in recent years, the development of domestic animation has been significantly accelerated, the number of box office, brand and so on a step. From the box office, the previous animated films generally sell millions or tens of millions, now if there is a good brand, IP, most can reach four or five million, the Spring Festival this year, the "2 bears" and nearly 300 million yuan at the box office.

according to the "report" Chinese animation film development statistics, in 2004 the country produced only 4 animated film, and by 2009, the "pleasant goat and grey wolf niuqi plumes" in the new year stalls with billion yuan at the box office as a symbol, began the rapid development of domestic animation film. 2012, the national production of 33 animated films, the box office reached $470 million in 2013, although the number of films down to 26, but the box office has risen to more than $660 million. 2014, more than 30 domestic animated film, the total box office more than 1 billion 100 million yuan, nearly doubled. Insiders had predicted that in two to three years, the domestic animation film is expected to occupy China’s box office of 10%.

on the other hand, the domestic animation film is to break the shackles of infant, more diverse types. For example, the acquisition of Austrian flying animation of the Yaoqi produced by the network at the beginning of the animated adaptation of the "one hundred thousand joke", the main group of youth, successfully obtained 120 million yuan at the box office.


" the return "of the adult audience than even the children will reach more than 800 million yuan at the box office." The cinema pointed out that many Hollywood animated film is for adults, the domestic cartoon films for children = "concept is still ingrained, cause positioning is mostly in the infant group, but in recent years.

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