I horse: previously, had a promotion, non restricted Shanghai Hukou this slogan the donkey mother to a public opinion in the teeth of the storm, a few more media speculation that the donkey mother funds short board "support". Since Ctrip shares the same way after the ticket market "War Within Three Kingdoms" becomes the new pattern for donkey mother alone against the "two-way". Ctrip teamed up with Cheng, donkey mother in the industry view, abundant funds far more than the "two-way". Therefore, a routine of Suzhou and Hangzhou area 1 yuan tickets promotions, but was to donkey mother emergency funds speculation. Today, Hong Qinghua issued an internal e-mail, said the first 300 million yuan of financing has been credited to the account. This "financial support" speculation after the collapse of itself.

is the following internal mail content

all people:

I would like to tell you a piece of good news: Donkey mother in the last few months in the side of the development of business, while in contact with the capital, the recent financing of the first 300 million yuan of money has arrived. Originally wanted to deal with the low profile is not specifically written to you, because the capital is a little crazy today, financing nothing worth showing off. Fierce competition in the market, there is no money is absolutely not, but the money is not a panacea. Silly to spend money, the enterprise may be the beginning of the disaster, only to focus on corporate vision and the ultimate goal to spend money, will ultimately realize our dreams. The money we will all put into product innovation, improve the user experience, through the mobile phone side to achieve. We firmly believe that tourism will return to the nature of business, to provide users with the most valuable services and the company will be the best return. At present, the fanatical price war, black PR is just the rapid development of tourism in the noise. We should grasp the huge opportunities brought about rapid development trend of tourism transformation, and everyone in the dynamic and development trend in the industry, we must recognize your eyes really trend and polished noise, many of the seemingly objective and impartial data behind the research reports and industry tourism may have some enterprises ordered and hands, including some well-known media this article from the media release, there are some enterprises and deeply involved in the operation of marks, not to mention those problems reported at a glance. Only the voice of the user and the visitor is true and reliable. We should devote all our energies to our customers and guests. So we have to do a love of the enterprise, not only the user and customer love, but also to have the love of employees.

in the mobile Internet era, just to make the user satisfied with the product is far from enough, we have to create a surprise and moved to the user, there is no business without the user’s love there is no future. Donkey mother "thunder" action has been started, I also personally involved, look really can bring positive energy and practice the "user centric market, to strive for the" spirit.

for the king domain group’s goal, we always do not forget the beginning of the heart. When we first started the company in 2004, we set a goal: to be one of the world’s most respected tourist operators in the world, "said

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