traditional service business for cross-border mobile Internet in the end how much interest? Perhaps we can see some clues from the direct number of Baidu just released. September 3rd, Baidu officially released in the world of Baidu 2014 direct number for traditional service companies to embrace mobile Internet solutions. After the release of the direct number less than an hour, Baidu provides 10000 direct number invite code that is finished, the merchant for the direct number of interest is evident.

According to the introduction of Baidu

, direct number is the business mobile platform in Baidu official service account, can solve the traditional service businesses are facing new hard pull, low conversion, low retention pain points.

to open the Baidu direct number of good son, for example, from Baidu’s data show that every day through the phone Baidu and Baidu map search good son related services, to reach tens of thousands of people. In Ryoko fitness open direct number, Baidu will "Ryoko fitness precision requirements and relates to a foot", "SPA" and "fitness" fuzzy needs of all delivered to Ryoko direct number, through the Baidu direct number to get new users, is expected to be the daily number of new orders for 100 a, the equivalent of Baidu opened a new store.

addition, the direct number of intelligent recommendation mechanism can also be good near the child into a customer. The upcoming release of the mobile phone Baidu 6 edition will launch a new discovery feature, according to the scene (location + time) and the portrait of the client, around the customer’s interest to push related services to attract customers to the store. The next Baidu map of the near feature will also achieve this feature, which will be good for the son to add a considerable order.

from attracting the attention of potential customers to the real store consumption, there is also a "conversion" problem. In terms of user conversion, Baidu direct number than WeChat and other social platforms more advantages. This stems from Baidu mobile search and map users from the source is the starting point of demand, so in the process of service delivery, consumption will be more intense. At the same time, the direct number has a strong social SNS capabilities, including real-time interaction, user evaluation, sharing and point of praise, etc., not only can enhance the service experience, but also enhance customer stickiness, effective retention of customers.

in order to help businesses better precipitation users, direct number also provides businesses with a wealth of features and easy to operate CRM background. The business can use direct number CRM backstage view all occurred with the interactive relationship and order a list of customers, through data analysis, to label their portraits, and then sent through personalized, different customer preferences, targeted to push information to achieve a high efficiency of marketing. For example, sea fishing through the direct number CRM background, what can be learned once the consumer to shop the diners upcoming birthday, you can advance to the client through the background CRM push various birthday packages information more accurately to attract target customers to the store consumption, but also can enhance the customer degree of goodwill, to be faithful repeat".


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