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November 3rd 2015 "double eleven" has entered the countdown, in order to ensure that this year’s online shopping for consumers with more confidence, held today in the network operator "integrity of law-abiding" campaign, Alibaba, Jingdong group, shop No. 1, and other more than and 20 well-known online trading platform and more than 130 shop operators solemn commitment: integrity of law-abiding, not selling is not a single brush.

according to statistics, in recent years, the amount of online shopping transactions in China soared, while the amount of online shopping complaints also showed rapid growth. Reporter comparison of the past 5 years from January to September, the basic situation of online shopping complaints found that the amount of online shopping complaints from the year of 2011, up to 104658 this year, almost all over the years in order to double the rate of increase.

Especially at the end of the end of

, especially the network promotion season. Among them, so far has been held six times the double eleven Online Shopping Festival, but also constantly refresh the record, 2014 double eleven, Tmall created a record of $57 billion 100 million online shopping.

"however, due to the characteristics of the Internet virtual, open and cross regional, network transactions, false advertising, sales of fake and shoddy products, consumer fraud, customer service service without security problems have occurred, strong social repercussions. Vice president and Secretary General of China Association Yang Wenbin said.


administration of commodity trading network supervision department supervisor director Chen Jiashun pointed out that in recent years, in order to ensure fair competition in the network market order to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce has promulgated the "network behavior of commodity trading and related services," revised "Interim Measures for the management of network transaction management approach", "network of goods and services centralized management Interim promotions provisions", "online trading platform operators to fulfill their social responsibility guidelines", "network trading platform contract terms of format specification guidelines" and other normative documents. At the same time, also set up the operation of commodity trading network monitoring information platform, realize the effective supervision of online business entities, commodity information and illegal behavior; to support the construction of credit system, advocating self-discipline and enterprise self-discipline; relying on the reform of commercial system, realize the network operators the facilitation of business registration system.

Chen Jiashun stressed that the network operators in the record sales at the same time, carefully combing the previous centralized promotion problems, take measures to prevent concentrated promotional activities become concentrated consumer complaints criticized the hardest hit, to achieve quality, connotation, development of water and no worries.

Yang Wenbin believes that to create a network trading environment for fair competition and safe consumption environment, the third party trading platform operators, network operators to carry out identification system according to the regulations, improve the system of real name system and credit evaluation shop, give full play to the management audit supervision, establish and perfect the trading rules and inspection and monitoring system, strengthen the the management platform of network store specification.

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