today to see a news: the overall low-end domestic network recruitment: the industry lamented the image of the project. The online recruitment industry long-term downturn is as everyone knows, qianchengwuyou,, the recruitment of the three network for the giants have varying degrees of problems facing the loss. Results showed that due to the recruitment of losses to its biggest shareholder SEEK generated a $17 million 254 thousand loss after tax; and ChinaHR’s parent company Monster released second quarter earnings report also showed that also at a loss, a loss of up to 175 million yuan. The two companies also have to resign and CEO has not been renewed. Also 51 job to get up early to lay a foundation on market situation than a little better. The situation of these three is actually a microcosm of the entire network recruitment industry. Network recruitment downturn for many reasons, the overall strategic blunder, the price war is difficult to see the result, and reduce customer service quality caused by the low-end, job seekers privacy violations difficult to control is the main reason.

recruitment websites such as the capacity for the price war, the main reason for lower prices because the market network recruitment recruitment network users are facing is "stage consumption", that is the enterprise unit user recruitment network recruitment face has a certain stage, when they move to the satisfaction of the talent, is likely to be a period of time will no longer recruit new talent, so it can be said that the recruitment network churn rate is relatively high. This requires the recruitment website to invest more funds for online and offline promotion and advertising, expand more new users, in addition to increase the investment promotion and advertising, an important means to reduce the market price and the expansion of market share. However, lower the market price is only suitable for the industry’s new entrants, lower overall market prices will decline in profits, personal network recruitment as a labor-intensive industry, whether it is the enterprise qualification, resume screening, network server costs are not small, investment is not reduced, but profits are continue to decrease, while the market share has increased, but is still not profitable.

users’ stage of consumption, the characteristics of the network to recruit employees have to do everything possible to expand the user to seize market share. The site also has a lot of other industries are faced with this problem, like travel websites, car sites, real estate websites with user groups belong to the stage of tourism consumption, because of higher spending, tourists may not always travel, car is big, can buy a car for several years will consider new ones, and the consumption of rental housing more, so that the user has "stage consumption" characteristics of the industry users to quickly but also the loss of the fast, although great benefits, but not continuously added to the user, it will be difficult to operate it. Adsense nets satisfied that face "stage" consumer needs to obtain market share continue to transform ideas. Compared with other sites, your site user groups are more likely to lose, this is not the reason for the failure of the promotion strategy, but the user characteristics, so this

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