is now the vast majority of enterprises and webmasters do network promotion, is the choice of enterprises, forums and other ways. The use of blog marketing to do marketing is very few, and there is nothing very famous to do very outstanding.

this is now: a lot of people know that enterprise station, forum, electronic trading mall site knows how to do the ranking, promotion have many ways to make products, brands and services, except for the blog, but because there is no much attention, and do not know how to use blog to do promotion, to achieve profitability blog. I am a mini blog blogger – an ordinary SEOER, know that a good site optimization skills will certainly share out to everyone.

blog site marketing is not a lot of people do, do, does not mean that there is no use of the blog to promote the value of this website. On the contrary, blog is the best way to build brand image and cultivate loyal customers. Because the most favorable side of marketing blog, that is, through the development of the reader groups, their thinking and behavior has increased the impact of marketing. Through the existing focus on the crowd and blog popularity, to expand more visitors to pay attention to your blog, which can be subtle for your potential customers.

blog marketing specific value:

increase the visibility of search engines, directly bring potential customers.

depth brand or corporate image.

increase the interaction between businesses and customers, cultivate and maintain loyal customers, customer groups.

blog marketing features:

blog is the ideal channel for deep marketing.

operation difficulty is relatively high.

The effect of

marketing needs a longer time to show.


blog marketing positioning:

who wrote: is your blog content is written to the target user to see?

What does

write: the content of your blog determines what visitors can learn about you?

who wrote: blog content by who to fill?

to blog website marketing target plan:

execute target

1 update frequency: there is no universal standard, but less than the effect of 1 times a month is not very good.

2 reply and interaction: to regularly view and reply, visit others blog, interactive.

3 Statistics and analysis: set the statistical cycle, mainly through the front desk data and background statistics.

B. monitoring target


includes the amount of access, the amount of reading, the number of comments, the number of reprint, user source analysis, etc..

blog marketing platform choice according to different situations, choose their own platform, are as follows: < >

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