"marketing" has become the people daily life must go through the plot, the morning work, across the street posters, bus or car radio ads interspersed self entertainment, people have to pay attention to a dialogue about "fashion", with the times, the building Cleaning worker have learned to use "garbage in the elevator be careful, your dad changed article" threat that "no littering" thought.

in information sharing strong era, for the "new" imitation into a "new" has become a kind of fashion, just throw out a "innovation" mode, there and then launched various similar plot, and this momentum usually instantly flooded a good user experience".

background: all over the world are marketing

, Ma Jian love speaking the thoughts of

from Ma together between news: Ali dad named "Tmall" has been ridiculed and discouraged, Ma said everyone dislike the name but it has a unique name, function is to be remembered, but many people scold more quickly spread, so created today’s enduring odd name.


had similar to the "Tmall" name of the story: "on" and "mother stop fast war", Ma as Internet tycoon, behavior between already covered with marketing.

two, excellent game TV marketing

The final

Hunan satellite TV, "I am a singer 2" last week, hundreds of millions of people attracted the audience’s attention, including from the excellent game "my name is MT" the Mobile Games ads, similar entertainment ads, TV ads and other experience began from the initial "innovation" to dogskin plaster type. From the audience of TV drama "implantable each happy Tucao can be seen: in a trip to reach makers, creators and audiences" a story "on the road there is clearly a long.

three, the user in the growth of the aesthetic, the electricity supplier shops continue to improve the experience of the web to promote marketing

electricity industry has developed to a certain height, Taobao, Tmall and other businesses in the web shop layout is the basic layout to maximize user experience, only in the layout of the page, apparently already can’t satisfy the landscaping business marketing pursuit, so all kinds of music "," video began to appear. "The music can be said to give the user to create a better shopping environment, but we say that everything has its advantages and disadvantages, when visiting the shop if you hear more noisy music, rhythm Rimula off", the browse a few drop interest; then said web video, or video can be romantic romance or can show the physical quality, this model is made up of many commercial "virtual" defects.

future marketing trend: "the Trueman show" (film Truman)

this is a very suitable for the present is the reflection of the theme of advertising

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