a, Tianya community (www.tianya.cn)

should be said that compared to other forum websites, Tianya post management of loose, even if your soft advertising means a bit of weight will not be deleted, at the same time the classification number, you can find a suitable site of the plate, so that the user targeted is high, but as long as the writing is good, is reprint the possibility is also great

two, campus network (www.xiaonei.com) 51.com (www.51.com)

this is some simple folk place, therefore, write text in these stations, write well, bring traffic will be considerable, most of the young students do not know what is soft, what is marketing, therefore, compared with the major owners gathered in the master station, the new campus in 51 handwritten text, is a good choice, but also with the school and 51 of the people know that they have to write a post to share mechanism, as long as good enough, the post was a great chance to share, the effect is obvious. It is worth emphasizing that the two sites still have bigger difference, the effect of my test site www.juanjuantx.com in the campus network publicity is good, response is also great, but the 51 almost did not bring any effect, can post Shen bailing. We can see that 51 of users are more inclined to the theme of entertainment, while the school is more cultural.

three, China soft Wen community (bbs.xingchong.com)

do not need to introduce more, soft writing exchange community, where you can get more people’s guidance, is the cradle of the growth of new soft

four, personal blog


is free, but there will be no administrator to delete your post, you can rest assured bold links, but if the general case, the effects will be more limited, recommended write text in the personal blog, is the social hot spots, such as pornographic incident, interest rate is higher, is also relatively easy to attract people to read and reprint.

five, Baidu know (zhidao.baidu.com)

maybe someone will think Baidu is an old topic, send advertising is indeed very good, but also know that Baidu is a good place for the text, you need the soft packing in a problem, the problem is best for you to focus on publicity, often ask your user problems. For example, my test station, you can send "we can recommend some good papers download sites, in addition to outside world rolls, free PubMed network". Or promote your site keywords question: "in addition to curly world, what good for free?". Of course, if your station is not so famous, it can take up to one or two other stations, but it is worth noting that, must take their stand in front to write. Or it could be a propaganda for others.

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