in the eyes of everyone, from a personal site into the formal network of the world, it should be a very good development. On the contrary, Thoreau in 4 years of slumber time. Let’s net comeback stationmaster Zhang Kaihao side seems silly, but some people will say that is in addition to insist that there are actually a lot of things in the past 4 years accumulated considerable energy to the outbreak.

energy reserves are not very easy to collect, the collection is equal to lag behind. At each stage, you are innovative in the Internet market, network products. Master the law of development, but the network law can not grasp too much, it will jump into a not out of the circle.

user aspects: Master: to understand the needs of users, innovation: our stuff is whether the user needs, we are able to accept things users. Do we find what we need in these problems to find what the user needs and what the market needs. A product is not immediately let the user to accept.

in a conversation with Zhang Kaihao, I know a lot of things that people can’t think of in a short time. Then slowly think about it really is so. He said, in fact, in each time period, changes in urban areas, we will never change the point of development, the direction of the development of the site on a few words. The market is constantly changing, we seek change in the law, to innovation. In fact, sitting in the car every day, in any place to see a problem can be linked to the network, to see if the other is suitable for the development of your site". Said a lot of I feel wonderful.

as a stick to a fairly long small webmaster, I was a 80 after the network is said to be moved. See the hope of the network, to see the nature of persistence.

who knows what product needs innovation need to adhere to, but simple innovation insist, insist to hear Thoreau network know the essence of innovation, adhere to the nature. Lonely helpless bear suffering face boring computer with other people laughing in the face of life are on the surface of the stick, substantial savings is to insist on our energy to a certain time automatic outbreak.

Zhang Kaihao said that in fact, innovation is everything. Innovation is not necessarily a comprehensive innovation. Someone who Knowledge is infinite., our network is still in a circle, but our way and others is not a way to go (the direction). We actually have something that looks very similar to others, and if in other operations, the direction of development has some innovation is also a kind of innovation.

Thoreau network will re select the mode of users profit profitable business for the benefit of


now face Thoreau network more mature more momentum. It’s like that.

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