About Baidu included new sites, can be said to be a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Voices can be heard without end, all kinds of articles are often seen, however, why there is always a lot of people ask: why Baidu not included my site? Of course, it has a certain relationship with some novice level. Of course, other reasons. Other articles have, I do not say. In short, my advice is to continue to learn lessons learned

today I’m going to talk about my experience at this station

in the network to build a station is too easy, on the Internet looking for a few modifications. The entire station program, plus space and corn cheap, a station on the line. It is easy to just site, what all don’t understand, by learning the experience of others, their own to explore slowly


as a new webmaster, looked at his first stop no complexion. Heart is a hurry ah. But no way. The beginning also made a mistake. No site positioning… Well intentioned people.. later told me, and content can be real, original, included is very important for…………….. After a week was finally included, until today, are compared. As a new station, has been considered is good. Of course the rookie

took my first stop was Baidu included:

debit online tutorial. Personal practice

1, the original article. Baidu is very necessary for the original, but also good weight.

2, BLOG.. Said. I create portals for each individual space. For example, Baidu space..163..SOHU,.

3 Baidu Post Bar to Baidu to Baidu. Since Post Bar not less. First apply for their Post Bar.. put write original things, fill in the link, ask some friends to kick kick. The important thing is that Baidu Post Bar every day will update the theme…. provide some good posts in the Post Bar home,… To reply. There will be trouble. Although the effectiveness of

every day.

3, Baidu know: ask questions, answer, content to be. The important thing, put their own links. Of course reply to time.. since the adoption of others to meet the requirements, the answer (which have the advantage that the first increase in the chain, and in their early to attract traffic. But many stations are using Baidu know the thief program. An answer was adopted. It is equal to the chain. At the same time, increase the number of stations

4 Links: new sites for friendship, unless there is a webmaster friends, may be reluctant to connect. The other basic don’t expect. But this is the network. There is always a way… Just now has ITlearner CuteLink self Links program. Take my stand, an unknown free resource network. With free resources network key words in the site. Links and displayed on the home page… This more or less confusing..

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