information is the industry website nutrition, if you want to develop new products, you must use the information to grasp the status of the development of goods. When you are not responsible for the development of this product, you may have heard of

a variety of situations. But if you want to develop this new product, you must use the figures to grasp the information, such as the past three years, the number of commercial outlets, the company’s market share, different

channels in the scope of the store, the sale of a commodity for a year of advertising fees, promotional fees is how much, these data are called market indicators. These indicators are you need to develop new products

At the


if you want to know the location of your product in the market, and want to know if there is potential to dig. Then you have to make a thorough investigation of the product, which should be

tight around the following purposes:

whether there is a need to further expand the effective consumer level;

is there an effective use level to further expand the demand for


why not buy the purchasing power of the product? What conditions can the website guide its purchase?


should further strengthen advertising or promotional activities? Can accurately achieve the purpose of


the existing function of the goods and whether the taste has been relatively old? Or when? If the design of a questionnaire for these purposes, you can get the information they need.

you want to conduct the re development of commercial outlets, we must grasp the product distribution channels, while maintaining the distribution channels, but also need to be able to become a fundamental clue to the reform of the data. In the past as long as

pay attention to the amount of channels can be expanded, and now you must pay attention to the operation of the various outlets in the market, or even qualitative changes, you need to check these subjects:

(1) commercial outlets are suitable for its geographical location;

(2) commercial outlets are suitable for the location of the product sales plan;

(3) customer list is sorted and updated.

in a series of manufacturers strong color of the industry, to solve the above problems is of course necessary, in other cases, it is necessary to show improvements, such as taking into account the liquor sales channels

based manufacturers. Weekdays customers almost do not go to the store, the store is home to the main sales channels. Customers order by phone, selling naturally is a high penetration rate of goods, so

is good for a large market share, and new products are not sold at low penetration rates. The new type of hard Hotel, the customer is to pick the goods themselves, so you need to go through a beautiful window, crisp

‘s store display, customer

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