efficient, blog marketing is undoubtedly a huge challenge. The endless usefulness of the Internet and entertainment, let us in the limited 24 hours, there are too many things to do. Therefore, the effective use of these 24 hours, do more things, but does not damage the more important things in life, health and family importance can not be ignored.

Law: search engine optimization is the most important

world information has been obtained by the search engine, all the other people to make a summary of information, and then all of our users to extract the information come out to see. For access to information, the search engine for ACE is fully deserve, because it’s the spider in the internet almost nothing is impossible to collect information.

now more than 90% of Chinese Internet users will use the search engine to get the information they want, so it is important to get a good ranking in the search engine. So the auction was born. Then based on this layer above the search engine marketing method is the main source of information display and website traffic.

blog is a big advantage is not to participate in the auction will be able to get the key words in the forefront of ranking, so do blog keyword search engine optimization is the most important work of the blog, once and for all, once and for all. Of course, don’t cheat.

law two: blog information release long

visiting messages and emails are often the primary source of blog interactive communication. If you spend a whole day looking at messages and emails, responding to them, or just browsing the email, you can’t really do anything important. You have to accept the fact that there are some messages in the blog post that you don’t have a return visit, and that there are some unread messages in your inbox. Like fishing, it’s a long distance.

‘s law three: blog program starts today

most of the network workers develop a long-term plan, but ultimately half of the task is not completed habits. They even try to implement each plan, and think that it will help them accomplish the task.

no matter how many schedules and plans you make, the blog is the one who does the work. If you don’t finish the task on time, or just overload a long – term plan, you will be able to leave more tasks for second days and increase the pressure on yourself. So it’s important to have a calm analysis of your abilities and limitations, and to work out what you can accomplish in a single day.

Maybe all you have to do is turn on the computer, write down three or more of the main tasks, save it as a file called "today", or do a simple mechanical plan, such as what you’re going to do now. "


‘s law four: health wealth twins

this is the truth. This becomes even more important when you are working long hours, sitting in a chair, staring at the computer, and no fresh air coming in. If you don’t do it properly, it can cause some serious health

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