operation of several sites, I think now do stand, to choose a good site type, area. This is very important for the latter operation.

in the successful operation of the Xiamen plant rental network, continue to operate on the Xiamen training network in this area on the site to talk about the prospects and operational strategies. Only for discussion.

I feel now the Internet, the site to the vertical development of the network, the industry to do in-depth. Vertical site is also suitable for the individual nature of entrepreneurs to operate. If you are not a company, there is no regular team, no money, and want to operate the site, I think the site of the vertical most suitable for you. Fine selection of a certain industry and region, to build your site, plus proper promotion, I believe, soon the site will bring you good benefits. Now let me talk about my promotion strategy. We can refer to. (welcome to advise)

1 if you set up the site, in that area has a site in operation, I suggest you find the key to the site of the industry, optimization. The weight of the site do. So in the search engine ranking will naturally go up. Talking about this, someone will ask, how to do weight? A. a blog, some industry site, should be integrated into the name of the site, the hidden link to the site of the make up, it is very important for B. targeted to their site site forum published an article, advertising properties don’t the article will be delete too obvious. In the article, the implicit link to their site. C. This is also very difficult to do, because the site is new, no ranking no PR, find links difficult. Of course, links to find the quality of the link, which is more than PR4 site. This will improve your site PR soon. (but I introduce some experience, I first added to the other side of the site QQ, the title is to ask other people, talk about some of the other interested topic, increase our feelings, and over the next few days, you have a small station, can do a link with the site, little brother. This general people will not do not agree, at least there is an internal page.

2 Analysis of the dynamics of the opponent site every day, targeted to do the promotion. In the opponent site looking for promotion object, collect contact information, such as QQ, E-mail,,, and later their private contact, to introduce their own site to them. Yes, a little, in the introduction, to ensure that their site has a facade of things, at least let people go in, see the site content is full, not empty. That is, the content of your site before you want to add.

3 do some promotion to the wall stickers, stickers, stream of people more places, with their site information, which will be summarized in one sentence of your site, let people see it immediately, remember your site. For example, my training network in Xiamen to be trained, find Xiamen training network". This cost is not high, you do to promote the background color and font color contrast to large, very conspicuous.

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