hospital marketing should pay attention to the diversification of the mode of mutual integration, through the coordination of the expansion of marketing power, and ultimately produce good results. However, this is not the case, many private hospitals not only use single marketing mode, and lack of coordination and cooperation is independent, is not able to grasp the marketing highlights, there is no better marketing strategies, many marketing strategies are ignored, not pay more attention to. The author is a member of the medical industry, local medical market, many key neglected hospital marketing, hospital marketing to do more perfect, marketing must be diversified, the use of new media to strengthen the promotion, promotion activities, interactive marketing, integrated marketing communication efforts to strengthen.

1, marketing diversification

in private hospital marketing, marketing is often too simple, not to be able to do its comprehensive utilization. Private hospital marketing is often only a magazine publicity, at the beginning of the role of the magazine is still quite large, but due to the use of flooding also led to the gradual decline in the effect. In fact, the marketing of the local market, not limited to the magazine, there are some private medical will use their own advantages as well as the platform. For example: they use their own geographical advantages, the use of two stone lions in front of in the moment will enhance the degree of visibility and authority, can quickly let the local user known and accepted. The geographical advantage of using this is on the one hand, more hospitals by bus stop advertising, subway advertising, because these regional population flow huge, can quickly select the corporate image, improve the visibility of the brand of hospital.

2, the use of new media to help

micro-blog, WeChat and unfamiliar street, Baidu, such as the United States and the United States as a platform for the current popular Internet products, which have been the concern of the general public friends. The hospital marketing relative to other industries, will always fall behind. For the emergence of new media can not pay close attention, these are actually using the platform is very good, highlighting the effect is more obvious, more valuable, in a short period of time will enhance the corporate image, to improve the hospital diagnosis rate. Currently on the hospital marketing, the use of WeChat’s public platform is not a lack of WeChat redefine integrated marketing, branding and product promotion. WeChat’s public marketing for the hospital is very favorable, many hospitals have tasted the sweetness, I do not know how you do it quickly!

3, activities to promote interactive

is very important for hospital marketing promotion activities, but most hospitals don’t have the reasonable use of the local network market for effective promotion, many local communities, BBS, micro bar has many people, and these people to the hospital conversion rate is of great help to lock the regional, highly targeted. In the promotion of activities, in particular, to grasp the holiday promotion, if this is done, the hospital will bring a lot of conversion, can effectively improve the effectiveness of hospital brand. In planning the activities of the theme, we must strive for excellence, the full advantage of the hospital >

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