What is the first focus of

‘s daily practice, which is to enlarge the amount of stored words and associations.

second is the text fluent and rhyme.

today to share with you the daily copy of the practice:

practice 1: in the absence of restrictions, please climb tall buildings

use tools – giant stairs, airborne, bamboo dragonfly, injector…

change the target – narrow lights, down, 101 floor underground…

to improve themselves – to enlarge their own, turned green giant, turned spider man, superman…

of course more exercises some nonsense, some simply can not reach, but this is one of the reference practice mode, by changing all the contact interface, brain development and infinite possibilities, to avoid brain fossilization.

exercise two: first after the product characteristics, and then according to the characteristics of hair, white soft what you think of

keyword Association – white clouds, white cotton candy, white, white paper…

body Association – cotton, pillow, mother, affection…

With the above

to the intersection or get some can borrow a statement, a lot of diapers, sanitary napkins, bedding supplies, will do for the family in the flexible direction.

exercise three: Advertising – picture writing. Tell the story by pictures of the way, try to help the two poster advertising copy writing.


[figure 1- advertising copy exercises]

Who you can’t away your problems from?

says run

life is like a drama, drama is like life,

stage of the ups and downs, I do not know when is the end.

before the climax, you need to shop mood,

in the high jump before the first knee bent low.

walked away, not to escape the problem;

away, in order to be able to objectively face;

down, is to have the ability to pick up.

run! Go out around, round, round,

look at the fresh things, look at the different scenery,

to get a mental boost,

opens another macro vision.


[figure 2- advertising copy exercises]

I the bullet in the am chamber.

restless factor in my body Pentium,


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