as a user of the 5d6d free forum, Fujian middle school in a short span of two years to become a local hot forum, it is indeed worth learning from our approach.

it’s the most grass-roots practical promotion methods, it is easy, that is the blog promotion forum.

this method can be said that everyone will, but the use of fine? How to use it, we take a look at the Fujian high school alliance method:

1, the establishment of the 2 blog, more than one person does not manage, and the best Sina blog, because the study found that Baidu seems to have a special liking for sina.

2, your forum and the two blog to make connections, it is easy.

3, to send some articles on the two blog, the best pseudo original, Sina blog is easy to be included.

4, after the collection, because if your forum has just established soon but also has been included, this time your forum must not be included in the blog fast. So we will seize this point make a fuss:

first, pick out the recent hot, can go to the Baidu top, Google hot list, or see the news that will become a hot key, then search these keywords in Baidu, open the above ", the content on the page to the title, pseudo original, and then all published in your the forum, remember those published in their own forum on the title of the article. Finally, again in your blog for the keyword published an article or the original false original, and then bring the relevant reports, the relevant report is that you just published the article title, of course, the title must be connected. This method is really good, I ah, this is Fujian high school league before the Forum web site: you can refer to.

, of course, everyone does it, and it’s not the way it is.

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