these days, where you can see celebrities from all walks of life to accept the bucket challenge video, from foreign to domestic, from sports to cultural circles, just a few days, so named "charity activities all over the world, all people are concerned about the next one who will be named. Do not see the most publicity, only through the influence of independent sectors gangster spread, Xiao Bian had said, "call" the organizers of the activities is quite clever, to create a marketing feast for us to open up a fresh outlook.

First of all,

, or first to understand the reason why the event launched. The event, which is known as Fritz, a famous baseball player at the Boston College, is struggling with ALS’s disease, which is a charity campaign for patients with ALS disease. ALS disease is called "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis", the British also called "motor neuron disease", which is incurable and fatal disease. Stephen · Hocking is a patient with this disease, it is said that Mao Zedong later years because of the disease and eventually lead to a variety of complications.

well, clear the reason, then we began to enjoy the feast of marketing ~

first course: charity can not refuse

This activity is for the

ALS charity fund-raising activities, as the saying goes good "to save a life, Better than build a seven-storied pagoda", people heard "charity", are generally not rejected, and is the social image of extremely tall, people are extremely concerned about the various chiefs? So, "charity" the positioning participants cannot resist, even if the heart is not so happy, will actively participate in.

second dishes: "call" form have a unique style of

in our view, charity is not a party or auction, are generally relatively low-key. The activities of social media on the high-profile "naming", let the bigwigs have to take that, "would rather die, also cannot surrender", and was a bucket of ice water? In the hot summer, the ice has become a cold ultimate experience. In addition, the "call" a "share bliss and misfortune together" feel a bit "have grudges against revenge, revenge" means, look at this point bigwigs "friend" or "enemy".

third dishes: "challenge" moreish

The use of the

Charity Challenge, seize the human contending mentality, choose a bit difficult, but not especially difficult — the ice water thrown over the body of the challenge. So far, in addition to Obama, the name has been challenged. Xiao Bian believes that it is the form of this challenge, inspire the enthusiasm of the chiefs who fight. Big brother is not easily lost face, no matter what the challenges are head-on, in order to highlight all manner of.

fourth dishes: big brother effect spread far-reaching

do not know that we did not notice that the participants are all the activities of the big brothers

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