is now a lot of hospital network marketing, as the network marketing executives want to listen to my proposal, the current medical industry marketing intervention, they generally use the following ways:

1 non payment form: in the major BBS community message or mass, QQ group promotion, e-mail, etc.;

2 Baidu bidding: the medical industry website, Baidu promotion MM will be dead stare, big customers come to it;

3 SEO rankings: in some SEO salesman mouth, SEO is a low input high returns, under various lobbying, some medical business owners can not stand the temptation.

for the medical industry, the above marketing methods are desirable, but the professional and non professional operation is only the way of operation methods, details and skills:

: the first method is familiar to many business owners, usually arrange the employees to the various forums, QQ flesh message is affixed to the top, or leave the site links, increase the degree of the site came to light, some of the more familiar with the network promotion enterprise may use cluster software to get promotion, this way can be achieved the effect to a certain extent.

human flesh message against only in a small area, the advertising content naked by the administrator easily cleared; mass promotion of easy to produce a lot of garbage outside the chain, increase the risk to the site, are also likely to be the target site to scold, sending a lot of bulk software is easy to fail, too.

the first approach should be noted:

1) from the content, people on the naked advertising will have a low touch, basically ignore your advertising content; content should be streamlined, preferably in the form of soft;

2) using viral marketing techniques or soft form, through many community forums, QQ group, e-mail and other means of communication, so that the contents of the virus fission form in a large range widely. The application and click on the link in the hospital can look at viral marketing in the promotion of


3) may be appropriate to use a mass, but to avoid sending garbage in large range, it is very easy to have a negative effect, should be based on their own user groups or objects, establish their own resources, the appropriate use of

when required;

4) make full use of social network resources, such as bookmarks, Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, digg, etc..

second methods: once your site is Baidu tuiguangyuan targeted, they will not to mind taking the trouble to call you, tell you how good Baidu promotion, and vowed to ensure to bring you effect; many business owners are also not clear what is Baidu PPC handed 3000 yuan households the results, in a few days, the account money consumption come not to see the effect.

second methods should be noted:

1) fully understand the operation method of Baidu PPC and other basic content;

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