has a video of a IT "grass root confessional" explosion of red on the network, this video is a video about the hardships of their owners along the way, revealing the common aspiration of the webmaster. Seems to be an ordinary video, easy to cause the resonance of the webmaster friends. In fact, SKYCC is a classic video marketing case.

social media performance

1 released a week, through Youku click into the webmaster to watch up to 310 thousand

2 Google search related information about more than 134.


3 single forum posts click nearly ten thousand, the forum has nearly 400 thousand click on the total, reply.


video mentioned in the SKYCC combination marketing software is also bullish all the way. SKYCC’s Baidu index rose 1608%

in a week


video release time and by

27 "IT" Confessions of a grass root video Youku first, then post promotional video "let tens of thousands of webmaster moved to tears: a IT video of the grass root confession" in various forums, SNS publishing, after Internet marketer speculation, joining friends know the truth, just a week of video Click break 300 thousand, click on the total forum posts exceeded 400 thousand. 8 days after the continued video "IT real grass root identity exposure, then issued by" secret video just 3 days to break 100 thousand click on the video. In the two video has the area of the SKYCC combination marketing software soared attention.

why can get good results

seize the audience psychology: this video is also for the webmaster friends, video about the true feelings of the webmaster, it is easy to cause the resonance of the webmaster friends.

advertising implied: whether it is the first video "a IT grass root confessional" or the subsequent video "IT grass root identity exposure, then issued by" video secret things, SKYCC combination marketing software is passing in the protagonist’s mouth, and said very natural, users tend to see the video pay attention to video lines, but they will remember this product inadvertently.


A classic case of

after the success of the classic video marketing we can learn a lot, do not have to make video marketing spend big price, like SKYCC this video marketing, simply shooting can play a good effect. The key is to choose the theme, according to the audience at the same time, video marketing as soft as advertising will slowly insert, do moisturizes things in silence.

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