Abstract: first, the APP business website or the public? Many business friends will encounter this problem, before the venture project implementation, entrepreneurs have to ask yourself one question: what I will do, what is the core? In the case of limited resources, most entrepreneurs focus attention to do a good. Thing.

some time ago, a friend said to do a pioneering project, I find the evaluation of outsourcing cost (the place is in Guangdong city of Zhaoqing province), because there is no need of technical personnel, in Guangzhou or Shenzhen for the team to do.

I said, you need to send me a look. So he sent me a document called "financial P2P project".

I took a look at the requirements and almost didn’t spray the water onto the screen. Don’t talk about the direction of the project for the time being.

according to the needs of the project description, need to do a website (compatible mobile terminal), APP (Android iOS+), OA system (workflow approval system); contains functions including article management system, raise the public distribution system, account system, payment system, fund-raising, forum, friends (including shopping, shopping mall system orders, logistics, payment, transfer) order approval system, drawing system (T+1 or T+2).

I asked, "how much do you budget?"

said, "how much does it cost, 20 – $25 to get it? Within six months of the acceptance of the project."

I said, "200 thousand, as one of the branches, such as shopping mall system, pure outsourcing, not including the late demand expansion and maintenance, safety, reliability, customization better, should be able to complete a project; but do not."

he said, "what do you do, this project is complete, the budget is not much, I would like these features!"

I said, "you also do not venture, let alone project, project has not done spent every dime, you have to put the limited resources, the core screw up things, all resources, ALL IN

, key breakthrough!"

he said, "that I do first P2P, the first APP website, or the public number

?"First, APP

business website or the public? Many business friends will encounter this problem, we have to discuss is today’s topic.

I have a three complete business projects, just covering the sites, APP and the public number, so today to share my knowledge, look at the pros and cons, these three kinds of products form the statements of a school applause.

before the implementation of entrepreneurship projects, entrepreneurs have to ask themselves a question, what I want to do, what is the core?

in the case of limited resources, entrepreneurs the best focus, focus on doing something. Grasp the core of the project and the business mainstream

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