I think this time many webmasters are very depressed, the algorithm of Baidu and the new sites included seems very strange. A new station a month will not be included too normal, included not update is too normal. To write this article, I also don’t know the latest algorithm now Baidu:! Everyone wants to get from the search engine rankings (top left) nature, but to grasp the change of search engine ranking rules will be a huge project. However, if you attempt to establish a good content based on the site and the implementation method according to the article. You will get good traffic and ranking.

is the best way I think is (if you have a good economic foundation) has been buying high PR home page links, of course, the more the better! I am going to make a big for my new station (Student Film Network) links to purchase the PR of more than 2 links QQ:860494464


below to introduce the basic method:

1 by PPC (for example: PPC) you can use PPC ‘.GOOGLE and Overture’ made instant flow (now YAHOO). Key to this step is to understand the value of your visitors, hundreds of thousands of keyword bidding, then testing and tracking

2 distribute your article for writing valuable articles issued to your target market. Willing to reference their webmasters. Quoted at the end of your site links are placed in each article. This step is key to good quality.

contentElectronic soft

3 soft – often to the media and your target market. Because it is interesting news release news, if they are referenced, you can quickly get hundreds of thousands of external links. The key step is to do the best: articles in 300 to 500 words, the best experts from the rich experience of the optimization writing

4 RSS support blog in order to have effect, should be regularly updated blog content to help. Based on information about your customers, rather than full sales vocabulary. Unless you have enough time, otherwise or not to carry out this step.Seth Godin (don’t know) the key to success of the blog said: frankly, insist, concise, can do the key debate. This step is: your content to let your visitors feel interesting, your content submitted to the blog directory

of course you can get 5 one-way links to link trading places to buy links, but don’t link into factories, otherwise dead. Make sure your link of PR is greater than 0 PR for 0 because many sites may be punished because they are search engines. If you link to it, you can is likely to be implicated. The key step is to determine your links is text instead of images. They are to determine the relevant website, rather than junk factory.

6 to other sites to introduce your site.

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