in the previous post "my mother received Nanjing", I said to a use of soft Wen promotion tips to share with you the money, but because of busy with other things haven’t been able to share out, so tonight I must share out, this method is proved feasible by myself, I can how much money, the most important is understanding and execution.

a soft operation ideas

if I am a car owner, I will share my car modification experience with other owners in the automotive forum. So I can write a work on the installation of traffic recorder stickers, which relates to the question of where to buy the recorder, which is where you can buy the ad recorder.

in fact, this idea is suitable for a lot of products, such as can also share their travel experience, which involves the hotel, where to buy tickets and so on, and then put the soft text to the relevant forum. Suggested that the staff to try to promote their own familiar products.

two, soft from where to

I do not suggest to write their own soft, so the promotion of efficiency is too low. For example, I would like to promote the traffic recorder this product, I will find the other owners of the installation of the work of the traffic recorder posted, and then make changes. This improves the efficiency.

three, may encounter difficulties

1, post easily deleted

forum management is still very strict, especially the popularity of the forum, but as long as several times to find out the law can do.

2, promotion efforts are not enough, not enough to adhere to

must adhere to the promotion of a period of time to see the effect, so we must adhere to the early, it is best to adhere to a week, as long as the operation of a reasonable method I guarantee that you can see the effect of.

four, why don’t I do

I feel this way a bit tired, easy to be deleted, but well, there is no problem to earn thousands of dollars each month, this method is more suitable for beginners to do the time, is also a kind of training. But I want to do a more COOL project, so I’m not going to do it.

five, the final description

1, some people may think this method is so simple, yes, the idea is very simple, the key lies in the execution. Find a way of thinking, and then play the most incisive.

2, I in April and in May issued more than ten pieces of soft Wen, personally prove that the method is feasible. If people think I am blind flicker, or suggest that you get out of it, no time for you now. Screenshot simple proof.


3, the above a few pictures are my mother Ali background inside

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