WeChat era copy, really tired very bitter, but there is no way to move forward.


we all live in the age of WeChat: the first thing in the morning to get up is not to kiss the partner around, but to open the WeChat, eliminate red dot. Wake up every morning WeChat Xiaobian is not a dream, is a variety of KPI assessment data. How to write an article in order to allow WeChat KPI assessment is also a lot of WeChat Xiaobian every day thinking things. Each push out of the WeChat article is a social copy, how to let the human long copy, spread, forwarding volume jumped to


first, desire is the primary productive force, creating the reader’s desire to copy

desire is the first productive force of copywriting, to stimulate the reader’s desire, or to meet some of the reader’s desire. Curiosity is a desire of people, we often say to arouse the reader’s curiosity, he will click to come in to see your copy, peeping desire is to guide the reader to open up the long lasting driving force of social text.

1, causing the reader to pay attention to meet their own desires

in the process of writing social copywriting, often hear "your article to be interesting". The so-called fun, in fact, to meet the reader’s desire to acquire new knowledge, and share your copy of the reader is to meet the needs of their own sun.

such as no spoilers guokr.com science ": the winter soldier jumped unexpectedly not dead? It’s not scientific" circle of friends to share the human psychological activity is often like this, "look, I also know these Oh, I am a man of science". People who share creative articles want to show that they are interesting. Activities to share the article shows that you are very motivated.

(the recent "captain of the United States 3" winter soldiers jumping caused by hot topics)

2, meet the reader’s curiosity, practical learning

second, your copy is practical, can also be a reason for the reader to help you spread spontaneously. Because your article is enough to make people learn something, because now is the era of dry cargo. Do not look at the skills stickers are embarrassed to say that they have a stomach.

Li Jiaoshou’s social copy is very successful, each time before the release of new content will send a picture preview users, what I send tomorrow. This allows the reader to look forward to the heart, with the desire to read this practical copy. He knew that the reading habits of readers in droves, this is the creation of readers eager to copy.

(Public Notice No. May 9th Li beast)

so we write at the beginning of dry cargo type of social copy, not in a hurry to come straight to the point, you need to give users a reason why a look to see you. All forwarding are intentional, whether consciously or unconsciously, you can always see, carefully pry the action hidden machine. < >

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