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[editorial recommendation] if you are a business owner or you want to start, whether you are in business management is not smooth, the process is not clear, because of busy and have no time to attend to the internal management of enterprise and confused? Do you have in the development of enterprises in the process of capital shortage and distress? Your business industry has no declaration government support for the support of the project, you know? You are for the business office location, choose a better Incubation Platform and tangled? You have to consider how to enhance the enterprise competitive advantage? How many can show the enterprise culture, enterprise business exchange activities you know? The answers to these questions you can in the tiger platform understand and use. Tiger · enterprise social office; · cloud service platform, online management platform for enterprise. The integration of social enterprise, enterprise marketing, Information Office of enterprise application platform, to help you solve the OA office, financing, project reporting, enterprise selection, training, business activities, a series of problems such as



dream from tiger sail:

1 tiger is a business office integration platform, realize the visualization of work flow management, an open platform, a plurality of enterprise application tools (such as: instant messaging, office approval, customer relationship management, financial management, large enterprises, ERP, enterprise location, loan financing, project reporting, enterprise training etc.);

2 tiger Office (OA) is the world’s first to achieve a perfect combination of office and instant communication, organization structure and communication process output, let the office everywhere;

3 platform pioneered modular tiger development capabilities, enterprises can access any existing systems (such as: CRM, ERP, etc.) to achieve the enterprise data continuity and scalability;

4 my tiger community, let the boss to understand the status, the staff, the transfer of positive energy, to solve the problem of the window, to the building of enterprise culture, staff grooming, networking and marketing channels to help enterprises and enterprises;

5 platform tiger has rich resources, government financing resources, business resources, training resources, enterprise location and other enterprises increment service;

6 tiger million enterprise data resources for enterprises to bring the rich marketing resources, realize the precision marketing;

for this software, more than 30 thousand companies have been used to give a high degree of evaluation, this software to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of the work flow, mobile office. If you have a dream of entrepreneurs, try landing? Tiger website (http://s.www.huhoo.com/) direct download version 2013 tiger, or can directly scan >

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