with a Baidu algorithm adjusted, doing a master’s Day is more and more difficult, with the domestic Taobao very influential, more and more people are added to the Taobao family, became a member of many shop manager, but do online and website, regardless of your own independent shop or Taobao, pat the small shops need to promote, to website promotion, only to give you promotion to customers. Although the heart did not open the shop, but also often pay attention to the amateur, today, some of the methods combined with the predecessors of the shop to promote some of the common methods.

Speaking of

promotion methods shop, we must first talk about all kinds of website promotion methods, what ways are, as the saying goes, the cat catch mice is a good cat, as a webmaster, no matter what method you use, as long as you can draw useful traffic on the line, as a shop owners, if you can give yourself in order to bring traffic into the store customers or potential customers is the most important, the promotion of online promotion and website have a lot of similarities, but there are many differences. If you often buy things on the Internet, you will find that there are many shops are a number of free postage is slow or full of money and how much you can send the value of many products such as a similar slogan, in fact, summed up the following points:

is the first binding sales of goods, there is the so-called buy one by one taste, or is enough to buy things with a specified price N yuan N yuan to send more than how many things, there is a discount promotions, is also one of the most common, including in the real life love, but discount to pay attention to, for example, a membership discount discount, discount ranking, if not discounted aimlessly, what new ideas, can not attract customers. So as much as possible to point out a pattern, after all, the site can attract customers is the most important.

then there are some of the more common is the freight charge: for example the purchase of products over 198 or the amount of postage, or number of number restrictions can also, for example, how much to buy, shop package which places the postage; this is a special offer, most stores do not make money only the only way which must be passed. In order to earn a reputation, for the future lay the foundation, such as the N, or a N yuan special offer what, and send coupons, the more common is to send a few yuan discount volume or the number or amount of purchase is how many yuan of goods sent much value shopping volume like…

…In fact,

online promotion method has many kinds, only you use your imagination, in fact all these promotion methods are based on the flow in the shop, if the shop did not concern, promotional tricks more is useless. (text / heartbreak first webmaster network admin5.com)

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