today’s competitive society, along with the development of the Internet, many friends choose entrepreneurship Road, the road to the electricity supplier is really easy, especially the independent B2C, facing financing difficulties and promotion, can be a very good development, whether the electricity supplier difficult road to go


often online shopping friends may know before many independent B2C business, here I use red child and coo8 for example, before the acquisition of the United States by Tesco and red child, Kuba independent B2C for some reason was stationed in Taobao mall so big business platform, what is the reason to force them in the mall in Taobao?

early independent B2C settled in the big electricity supplier platform is in order to survive the difficult road of electricity providers, we know that the electricity supplier industry is now fierce competition. Want to survive and get a good development must be able to withstand the pressure and flow, facing financing is difficult to promote the development of the road situation, how to seek better? Perhaps looking for background is their only way out. But not all B2C are able to find their own "Godfather", here the "Godfather" refers to the number of independent B2C business is big business platform to acquire or buy independent B2C.

electricity supplier as a whole, Matthew effect is becoming increasingly apparent, in such a situation, the size and profitability of the electricity supplier is still difficult to choose. Before 2013, "there is no future scale" was almost vertical electric and comprehensive, group purchase electricity providers who look up to as the standard. After 2013, including the U.S. group, where part of the group purchase and B2C began as a key profit. Difficult electricity supplier of the road makes many of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs to failure, some time ago is a case of hot passenger network.

after burn and the winter capital business is no longer superstition scale, but still have a market scale theory. Tang Yizhi,’s senior vice president, is a strong advocate of scale theory. Scale is the business of the law, it seems to be unable to escape the reality, WAL-MART did not do the scale of the scale of the Jingdong did not do it even Taobao do the same scale. Do electricity supplier to talk about the scale, only with a larger scale to have a good future!

Although the electricity supplier

this road is somewhat difficult, but we quickly in the Internet era of big data era, and the mobile Internet is also speeding up the steps of the electricity supplier, has the development prospects, but the independent B2C road to avoid burn, appropriate promotion, to do their own brand in order to win the better development of


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