WeChat hot up a lot of micro business, do micro business people will need to use some of the third party platform. A lot of people will choose pocket shopping that micro shop, I am also the micro shop users, but this APP is really let me speechless, to tell the truth you can do a good job I will not lose so many single. You know, a lot of customers in the order because of the cumbersome and user experience. Took a few times can not pay money, impatient, do not. There are more than 60% of customers in the time of the purchase of the two do not want to go on the micro shop. Many are saying I WeChat transfer or play money to your Alipay on the line. Mostly because of the micro store user experience and its bad. There is also the seller of the product release operation is extremely heart plug, really if there are other suitable APP we will not use this micro shop.


I really do not have such a big company to do such a product of garbage out, you Y pony brother and other bosses gave you a few hundred million, you give me to do such a junk product out. You don’t know the product manager is not to eat the cooked rice, do you know

brother pony?

as your users today I have Tucao, let me see some of your design. These idiotic.

first: setting the product properties


if a pair of shoes has 6 colors with a number of 6 yards, we need to hand in 36 properties. For example, black 39 yards, black and white, 40 yards, white, white, 40 yards…… Not only the seller is cumbersome, to write dozens of attributes out, and you want to know most of the micro shop is to use the phone on the goods. Want to get a pair of shoes on the hour? And in dozens of buyers choose shoes, looking at the property dense, you will do awful. If you only need to write a Taobao 6+6=12 property can be, the buyer is to see the 2 row can easily find their own color and code number. Mobile phone itself is small, the word is not very clear. Do you have Y so many attributes that you will get pregnant? It’s a matter of minutes for the technician. Now it’s time for sellers and buyers to spend a lot of time. The most important thing is that buyers do not want to see such a cumbersome operation, so that the seller will lose a single, and many of us because of the loss of a single.

second: not a separate set of postage, nor set part of shipping, a day to more than ten times the postage

a lot of the time we sell things to a buyer or a package, or a buyer will ask for a post. Maybe some of our products are post promotional. So this time we send the link to the customer when it is very troublesome. Only unified set of all products for postage postage. Some customers may not be very skilled with their own mobile phone operation is slow, while waiting for him to shoot. There may be other customers in the film, we can not call the next one, etc.

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