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, a App founded 2 years operating share group, there are frequent recent new friends to join. But to my surprise, the group yesterday to a small open salon owner. He devoted the consulting App operating expenses geometry, the problem of how to profit. And I think a few days ago, I received a phone call from a former colleague, she is now in a clothing store, and the benefits are not bad, but she was very anxious to ask me how to use WeChat to do marketing to sell clothes


O2O: has become a real world

what does that mean? It means that O2O East felt an irresistible trend, when Internet companies began to expand the line, the line of traditional enterprises have begun to actively seek opportunities to embrace the internet. O2O’s two O, a line, a line, are now eagerly looking for each other.

that’s what I thought before. I always thought O2O was still in the bud. Now, I feel that the word O2O is no longer Arabian Nights, and into the real world. And after this period of time, I was pulled into a lot of O2O group. I see the Internet companies are trying to map, taxi and offline businesses or users with better products, stepping up to the line to grab the market, and more offline store bosses are from online seek business growth plan, but recently a lot of my friends from the media began to study O2O O2O, analysis of cases, to explore the direction of O2O and so on, and even the birth of the new media O2O.

no doubt, we are at this moment or node, it is an era of change, an Internet is about to penetrate into the line of life time.

do O2O, get the Internet thinking

how does the traditional industry to get involved in the O2O first have Internet thinking. The so-called Internet thinking, in fact, nothing more than is based on the current business environment, the use of the most advanced productivity tools to achieve the purpose of service users, so as to win business returns. If you stand at this point of view the problem, thinking of the Internet is not what magical thinking, but is a result of the development of the times, is caught up! In a barber shop, for example, just imagine:

1, the use of Internet tools for customer drainage, such as the use of WeChat, micro-blog and other social media, to expand the coverage of customer radius. A hair salon can only cover a resident, but if the use of Internet tools, the use of WeChat or micro-blog, it can attract customers to a little farther radius.

2, the use of the Internet to allow customers to enjoy convenient service. If the customer can pass the App reservation hair stylist, hair stylist is free to view and so on, even the independent design type etc.. This will shorten the waiting time for customers.

3, the use of mobile payment, online membership card (such as WeChat membership card)

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