April 8th news, the latest learned billion state power network, before the idea of cross-border foreign trade electricity supplier general manager, senior ERP caravan cross-border seller Zhang Jie held in the network exchange (TaiZhou Railway Station) for foreign trade electricity supplier selection, the seller in the delivery mode of platform selection and product architecture set three key decision points on how to deploy the share their views.

The essence of

following Zhang Jie pick for billion state power network share:

, a cross-border electricity supplier advised early direct mail delivery

Zhang Jie believes that direct mail and overseas positions are two different gene delivery mode, is not too can together. So he does not recommend foreign trade sellers in the beginning do foreign trade electricity supplier to direct marketing and overseas positions of two modes by.

"direct mail and overseas warehouse two delivery modes have great difference, in terms of liquidity in general, overseas warehouse funds can only about a year turnover of 5 times, and if it is direct mail mode, about a year can reach 20 times the turnover of capital. So in the capital turnover, direct mail mode is a big advantage." Zhang Jie analysis to, therefore, he suggested that the seller when doing cross-border electricity supplier early using direct mail delivery mode. But he also admitted that in the localization of service and logistics reaction speed, overseas warehouse has unique advantages overseas warehouse.

two, eBay Amazon rely on skills, fast sell through activities

Zhang Jie cross-border export electricity supplier platform is divided into two categories, one is a skill based platform such as eBay, Amazon and wish, etc., and the other is a mobile platform, such as fast selling, etc..

he analysis, the skills of the electronic business platform has its own search algorithm and push rules, so the seller should focus on understanding the search rules and according to the rules to enhance the exposure of their shops.

platform for cross-border electricity supplier activities is a bit like Taobao now, every day there will be a variety of activities, and in this type of platform sellers, the seller must have the core competitive ability is active skills.

three, the overall market is not as good as the vertical category to make money

Zhang Jie concluded that the structure of foreign trade electricity supplier can be divided into two kinds of supermarkets and vertical architecture.


supermarket is equivalent to what are selling products is very rich, such as electronic products, accessories, photographic equipment, clothing, shoes, hats, jewelry and so on, as long as it is good to sell, the supermarket sellers in this direction to drill.

and vertical structure of the product is to focus on a category, to do this product thoroughly, all the way down the development of the entire system and the entire demand has been dug deep, to maximize the profit of the product.

Zhang Jie analysts said the supermarket sellers can do a lot of scale, but in fact, its profit is not high vertical architecture.

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