Jingdong total sales 1 minutes break billion

February 14th, HP business platform Jingdong launched heavy about Hui rujierzhi Jingdong super brand HP launched the first wave of the New Year Festival, hot electronic products and a variety of panic buying frenzy, the trend of new hot explosive product benefits poly Jingdong. Just 1 minutes, total sales break billion Jingdong. Jingdong February 14th day sales is only 30 times the total daily sales of Jingdong in in January 2017, a record of a single day sales of Jingdong products in the computer category.


super day festival brand Jingdong HP ultimate battlefield first new record sales of

The HP

Jingdong, the two giants joined forces, both with leading technology products and the advantages of platform resources for consumers shopping experience be not of the common sort of science and technology. Compared to 2016 double 11 HP products in the sales performance of the Jingdong, Jingdong, HP super brand sales reached 2.18 times of the festival.

such an excellent record to be attributed to the exclusive sale of new products and the popularity of the explosion of the surge of power products. The majority of online games players as the game’s exclusive weapon of the HP shadow elves II generation Pro game in February 7th, the first in the pre-sale of Jingdong, attracting many fans of new products and pre-sales activities of keen concern. On the day of the official sale, HP shadow wizard Pro series of 32000 new games sold out of the game, a new record of a single day sales of HP game. At the same time, to help Jingdong super brand HP Festival pre-sale of new business office models HP Elite and Slice HP magic Series modular computer, since the release date will pay close attention to business and technology fancier, finally achieved impressive sales performance in the super brand HP in Jingdong.


HP shadow elves II generation Pro game


HP Elite Slice HP magic Series modular computer in addition to the above two launch new products, other products are also in a variety of HP star Jingdong HP super brand Festival hit the illustrious record. Small India photo series and a series of single day sales of domestic ink warehouse sales to achieve 50 times growth, jumped the same day Jingdong home printing category first!

HP strong combination of leading consumer upgrades

in the consumer upgrade today, consumers pay attention to the quality of scientific and technological products, but also attaches great importance to the purchase process of service experience. HP is working with Jingdong super brand day is to conform to this trend, to explore a win-win path to achieve quality upgrades. On the one hand, through the Jingdong super brand HP festival showcases HP in recent years in the quality of innovation on the outstanding achievements, provide more quality choices for consumers to choose products of science and technology; on the other hand, the Jingdong with powerful platform advantages, is for the consumer.

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