shop ‘credit rating, favorable rate’ and other indicators of the original purchase is an important reference for buyers, now, seems to be unreliable." Recently, a mention of online shopping, Ms. Wang in Hangzhou is very puzzled. Not long ago, she saw a bag on the Internet, see the seller of credit is the crown, favorable rate of over 97%, was shot down, found that actually package workmanship and are not the cortical businesses so good, one day on crack strap.

, according to industry sources, in fact, there is an occupation called "brush off" online, specifically for online sellers to improve credit rating services, namely "brush credit", diamonds, crown level credit becomes a brush." There are some special website price tag: "easy to create" diamond crown stores, each transaction is a formal process to improve credit, get 500 yuan, two yuan, three diamond drill 1000 2000 yuan, four get 4000 yuan, 20000 yuan crown. A seller complained that they brush credit is forced, if the technology can be blocked by this credit fraud, the majority of the seller is still willing to operate in good faith.

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