reporter learned the day before, "Internet address registration service industry self-discipline" signed in half a month, there are nearly 60 domain name registration services have signed the convention. Coupled with the first batch of more than and 40 companies signed the Convention, there are nearly a hundred registered service agencies have signed the self-discipline convention.

      at the same time, the signing of the Convention on self-discipline of the registration service agencies, the supervision function of the Convention also began to appear. Self regulatory agencies to monitor the implementation of the CNNIC, the largest number of complaints against the user of the two companies were informed, and handed over to the relevant departments of illegal materials. This series of actions have shown the domain name registration industry self-examination and determination and strength.


will be removed from the market an evil member of the herd

      just signed a self-discipline convention agent told reporters earlier, choose to participate in the Convention of self-discipline, mainly because "we have confidence in our services provided by signing the self-discipline convention to let more users know that we provide service specification and security, but to improve the trust for our customers".

      the agents responsible person also told reporters: "such as email, telephone harassment, misleading users, users engage in the industry’s reputation be pestered beyond endurance, impact, impact on our formal enterprises is the most direct. We are actively involved in the self-discipline to work together, through self-discipline activities for these illegal institutions exposed in front of all users."

      on one of the sponsors, nets CEO Zhang Xiangdong said, as one of the sponsors of the Convention, since all insist on health promotion network domain name registration industry ideas, proved with the standard service, realistic sales methods, with the appropriate market promotion, can also make nets so successful enterprise. And a large number of agents have signed a self-discipline convention, but also shows the industry’s desire to purify the market environment. "An evil member of the herd cleared out the market, has become the consensus of our. Only to the domain name registration market a healthy environment, we can achieve sustainable development of these formal enterprises, otherwise the entire market will be a mess of those illegal enterprises."

      CNNIC’s supervisory role is essential

      Zhang Xiangdong also said that the self-discipline convention signed and implemented in a short period of time, and CNNIC is inseparable from the coordination. On the one hand, CNNIC, as a domain name management organization, has been promoting the healthy development of the major registration agencies, and guiding the industry’s self-discipline

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