sina science and technology news on December 29th morning news, Alibaba group for the first time to disclose its important part of globalization Tmall international operating data. Tmall International ( platform from February this year just on the line, 10 months on the line turnover growth of 10 times. This is also regarded as Ali last week, the Wall Street Journal reported negative counter attack.

data released by Alibaba, Tmall international November single month turnover than the first month of growth of more than 1000%. There are from 25 countries and regions worldwide 5400 overseas brands including Tmall international, 30 shop store transactions are more than ten million yuan. According to reports, the top ten companies in Europe and the United States, the French cosmetics cluster, more than 100 global businesses are waiting in line to be settled.

Tmall also disclosed, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, 5 city pilot cross-border import bonded area has reached a cooperation with Tmall international, to explore the Internet environment, import and export trade pattern based on.

was defined as the first year of globalization by Alibaba in 2014. In February this year, as an international B2C platform, Tmall formally launched online. Wu Qian, general manager of Alibaba B2C division, said Tmall international is a platform for Chinese consumers to provide direct supply of overseas goods. This year, eleven, the United States, the world’s largest retailer Costco in Tmall’s outstanding performance at the same time shocked the international retail market. Including metro, European Top10 supermarket retail group, 5 are actively preparing to enter the Tmall international. More than and 30 of the world’s top supermarkets, department stores before and after the Spring Festival will be settled. In addition, more than and 100 global brands are waiting in line for the approval of Tmall international settled.

Tmall international, currently the most sought after category of domestic consumers, including food, cosmetics, maternal and child classes, daily necessities, small appliances, etc.. The health care industry, the world’s top ranked health care brand has gathered Tmall international. Including the world’s largest health products group Nature ‘s from the US (natural treasure), including Australia and New Zealand’s top three health care products brand, the German household Doppelherz (Shuang Xin), such as Bounty.

last week, the United States "Wall Street daily" network edition wrote that Tmall international platform Alibaba since the line encountered all sorts of challenges, not only flow far behind and Tmall, but also the promotion on the seller’s restrictions on the initial stage of development. However, the company still adhere to the development of quality, but there are some overseas businesses have achieved initial success. Alibaba data released at this time, but also means that the report on the counter attack". (munan)

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