2016, Chinese imported wine consumption in the big promotion, the liquor market imports continue to maintain steady growth, wine enterprises have to make strategic adjustment, competition quickly evolved, and disruptive business model has become the key to break through. In this case, depending on its ecological electricity supplier network network with "ecological mode" Chaowei attack market value increasingly prominent talent shows itself.


(network network global ecological Partner Conference held today)

August 9th, sponsored by the "ecological network network to win the future" global ecological Partner Conference held in Beijing. Attend guest actor Ma Su, Chinese CCCFNA wine import and export business branch secretary Wang Xuwei, strategy group chairman and CEO Li Hai, the world famous wine Chateau pure high-rise, sports, music, music as Yang flowers television, Shanghai new culture media and high-level, thousands of global ecological partners.

star shareholder Ma Su appeared for the first time, and described the network network affinity and strategic investment in the beginning of the heart. As the holding vice chairman, network network CEO Li Rui inventory of the first half of 2016 the ecological business landing, business growth, share the ecological strategy of network network upgrade and the future of the overall deployment, and throw super eco IP strategy, its own brand of high quality matrix, equity incentive policy strokes, in order to achieve a long-term partner and value, sharing, win-win symbiosis.

GMV grew by 458%, highlighting the value of ecological patterns

network network since March issued a "life world wine ecological strategy since the steady landing with" content + platform + product + service "four big business architecture, in the industry to achieve hitherto unknown growth. By the end of August, wine net net sales of 255400225 yuan, an increase of 458%, two star single product "eco beer" Grote Gloryt, rose Naynay in sales reached 7946698, to 1375976 bottles, Wine, spirits, beer and other products added SKU 2136. At present, ecological partners reached 1278, super stores in 5862, LePar in 1500 stores nationwide, LETV opened 103 living museum, is expected to 200 boutique LETV living museum will be completed by the end of 2016 landing.

"go right, do the right thing. In the upstream, we control the quality of the roots and gradually build the core areas of global resources; at the level of product brand, leveraging the IP music as ecological resources, the successful operation of the fire rose, Grote two brands, won a good reputation; ecological partnership system gradually flourishing, ecological function as O2O terminal layout bearing life hall the line is also expanding." Li Rui said, based on the network network will continue to deepen the ecological strategy, further put forward the "ecological quality > Global Supply Chain + own quality brand + terminal + platform Internet cross-border ecological multi-dimensional" four complete

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