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Jingdong June 18th this birthday is not too peaceful. In the promotion of the anniversary, VANCL, Amazon, Gome, Yi Xun network, shop No. 1, and many other competitors have sent a "black gift", jointly released a variety of promotional activities to split consumers.

, the most obvious point is cheap clothing started vancl. Recently, we suddenly released a high-profile gauntlet, able to provoke a price war. In the afternoon of the classical banter, like to challenge Tmall, Jingdong, and many other platforms, similar to "meet in June 18th really rong".

in addition, the Jingdong has the stock layout impact sample sale website According to industry insiders quoted brands like news, ordered the supplier to sign "exclusive sales agreement", forcing it in several partners in the choice.

for peer kidnapped suppliers to "war", VANCL said have been heard. As for its "consumption caused by competitors, common speculation questioned, where the public relations department told reporters, where the promotion is not aimed at any one opponent, nor create a gimmick, just want to create a healthy competitive environment.

where the "Declaration of war" marketing

war posts for marketing. "This is just another attempt to dazibao following the company after marketing, does not rule out future may also use.". Where the public relations department said.

garment industry is where the home court talked about this, a challenge to other commercial enterprises "price war", the company explained: "the promotion of a few years ago are books last year, the electricity supplier war is 3C, this year because of changes in the entire garment industry, coupled with its own platform where the adjustment, just started doing this promotional activities."

Eslite vice president Xu Xiaohui foreign said confidently, the price war is the business platform between each block, compared with other platforms, VANCL’s advantage is fast response. This is expected to promote the sale of at least one to two times the sales growth.

flagship own brand, to avoid confrontation with other electronic business platform gangster is one of its major tactics. "A business last year slobber war has caused resentment among consumers, thus the promotion VANCL hope to create a good competitive environment, not only some competitors at the bottom but not to have the goods in such a situation."

said: "where the customer where the customer itself have pricing power of its own products, can maintain their reasonable margin. In general, the company’s gross profit margin is usually about 50%, during the event to ensure that the 20%. The Jingdong, Dangdang such electronic business platform in the purchase price of the reserve space itself is relatively limited, so we naturally want to play their own advantages.".

this round of "battlefield", as well as Amazon,’s tail collection,, catwalk >

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