the rise of micro-blog Web2.0 has entered a new era, micro-blog market is looking view, sina "feudal lords vying for the throne", Sohu, Tencent and other major portals spared no expense to build its own micro-blog platform, frequently use the whole company resources to vigorouslypromote micro-blog. The promotion of the major portals, has long been a huge group of users, in addition to operators in the positive exploration of profit model, I believe the majority of the micro control who are aware of the opportunities brought about by this field.
      facing the market environment matures, Lok Lok alliance, in March 2011 the commission policy from 8% up to 18%, and make a strategic move, will be bundled with new media as an important direction of music Amoy adjustment alliance. Users as long as the registration of the league, through micro-blog, Renren, Kaixin and other accounts, every day to enjoy the new report to share the new music can get commission. This means that in addition to the site, personal shop, blog, even SNS, micro-blog and other new media can become a channel to earn commissions.

      industry analysts said, for individual users on micro-blog, the simplest and most effective way to make money is to help the alliance do promotion, because micro-blog and QQ to some extent, this is similar to IM, is a true reflection of social relations, so micro-blog based marketing is full the word spread that, when their friends or fans to click on micro-blog promotion link success after the purchase of goods, you can get the appropriate Commission income. However, the individual micro-blog to form the scale of income, mainly depends on two aspects, one is to have enough number of fans, the two is a fan of micro-blog sticky, if micro-blog is large enough the main influence, often can form a forwarding number more, so the effect of word of mouth marketing will expand quickly being constantly forwarding.

      micro-blog control more and more today, the conversion rate is very high through micro-blog marketing. In the last month, with a campus proxy mode and Amoy alliance of college students, the month down sales reached 80 thousand yuan, he told reporters that he usually frequent the fancy shoes to micro-blog music Amoy, and in fact, each school has micro group, and the original high school the micro group, then every day to sell ten pairs of eight pairs are commonplace.

      in social marketing has become a major trend in the development of online shopping, but experts have warned that the majority of individual bloggers, in the micro-blog era, more and more interests through a micro group is the emergence of a large number of micro group has become another form of the QQ group, for individual bloggers to make a lot of money, may pay more attention to various types of online shopping micro group, because the micro group of all members of the online shopping Master itself is a natural favorite, and reliance on online shopping, in a more precise target audience.

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